We’ve been slaving here;
Tell me why!
We’ll be working here -
‘Till we die!

Never gonna shake the (Eye of Ra)
Your back a-will break for the (Eye of Ra)
He watches as we slumber (Eye of Ra)
This is the bondage we’re under (Eye of Ra)
Never gonna be free from the (Eye of Ra)
Between you and me the (Eye of Ra)
I pray for salvation (Eye of Ra)
Totalitarian nation (Eye of Ra)

See the flaming star - -
In the sky!
Falling to the sand
From on high!

A chariot shining (Eye of Ra)
The occupant pining (Eye of Ra)
For the woman is stranded (Eye of Ra)
In the desert she landed (Eye of Ra)
Victim of a deceiver (Eye of Ra)
Her living will leave her (Eye of Ra)
But she can save the subaltern (Eye of Ra)
From the flame in which we burn! (Eye of Ra)

© Kurt Riley, 2016.