You’re the greatest show on Earth
Time to show ‘em what you’re worth
Your potential
                  Is essential                   
Churchill’s end
Has begun
Time for Human 101

Heroes always lift our gaze
Even in the end of days
Broken nations
We’re in need  
Of repair
Must be something
In the air

It’s a job
Must be done
Time for Human 101

As it goes on
Life can be  
A little tiresome
If you’re not strong
You’ll end up
Like Ned Ryerson
But if you take a look at those who stumble ‘round you as they fall
You’ll find there’s precious little worth fighting for at all
Oh, oh… 
As it goes on
As it goes on… 
As it goes on... 
Ooooh, oo-oo-oo-ooo-oooooo... 
Now you’re got yourself a girl
Greatest feeling in the world
It takes nothin’ 
But some lovin’ 

Drop the fear
That pervades
Switch out funerals
For parades
Hold her hand
Have some fun
It’s just Human 101

© Kurt Riley, 2017.