Some of New York's finest musicians, Kurt Riley's diverse band includes veterans of the live scene as well as newcomers. Each member brings consummate professionalism and an incredible degree of talent to the group, and Kurt is fortunate to be working with them, both in the studio and on stage.

Rick Kline


Rick Kline is a veteran of the central New York music scene, having been the original bass player for The New York Rock (for 5.5 years) and Cat's Elbow (1.5 years). (He currently performs with The Darts in addition to working with Kurt Riley.) Rick attended the legendary Victor Wooten's Bass Nature Camps in Tennessee, and works with vocal coach Marci Lynn Solomon. His warmth, humor, and exceptional bass skills are an invaluable part of Kurt Riley's band; the veteran member, Rick is both the sonic and spiritual heart of the group.




Charlie Jones is a magnificent synthesizer wizard, whose command of the digital ivories has laced Kurt's compositions with sweeping synth pads and pulsating arpeggiations. In a blink of an eye, Charlie is equally adept when switching over to blues piano or jazz-influenced lead lines. Diligent, gifted, and always wearing a smile, Charlie is equally as nerdy as Kurt, and earned serious points for watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan with Mr. Riley.




Sesu Coleman is a living legend. In the 1970s, he formed The Magic Tramps, a glam-punk troupe fronted by Warhol actor Eric Emerson; they were the first group to perform what would become CBGB, and they also pioneered the proto-punk/glam rock scene in NYC at Max's Kansas City and the Mercer Arts Center with The New York Dolls. Subsequently, Sesu hit the skins for Suicide founder Alan Vega, performing on his solo records Collision Drive and Saturn Strip, whilst touring internationally in support of both. A seminal, highly-respected member of the New York rock community (and a treasured custodian of that city's musical history), Sesu connected with Kurt online, and subsequently joined the group after hearing a kind of music which had not graced his ears for a long, long time.