Love IS IN MY HEART (2018)

In 2018, Riley opted to release a series of singles as a goodbye kiss to the first part of his career - the first panel in his triptych, composed of Brighthead, Kismet, and Tabula Rasa. The first of these singles was the lush, romantic Love Is In My Heart, released on Valentine's Day, 2018.

"One of my favorite acts of the 21st Century, The Killers, have a lovely tradition; they release a Christmas single annually. I always thought such a thing was a great idea - The Beatles used to release holiday messages for their fan club, and T.Rex did, as well. Good company to find myself in. I've always been hopelessly romantic, so Valentine's Day was my choice." The very first in this new tradition, Love Is In My Heart encapsulates Riley's affinity for amalgamating yesteryear with futuristic sounds, combining a vintage pop vocal croon with arpeggiated synthesizer.

"When I was a little boy, my family and I would go to my grandparents' home for Christmas. After our giant Italian meals, the adults would invariably head off for a nap, and us kids would wander the halls, playing around. There was an intercom system in the home - one of those mid-century modern staples - and my grandmother would broadcast an AM oldies station through it. Sinatra and Nat King Cole reverberated through the empty halls, with this haunting, romantic beauty. I didn't care for the music as a boy, but as I've grown long in the tooth, I've come to adore it. 'Unforgettable' and 'In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning' are right up there with 'Pyjamarama' or 'Rocks Off', for my money."

For the studio session, Riley chose one of Central New York's most prestigious engineers, Will Russell. A Grammy Award-winning producer, Russell's congeniality, experimental nature, and ear for textures made the song come to life. Subsequently, Riley teamed with the brilliant videographers Jacob Mroczek and Kristi Gogos for the somnambulant music video, which features an elegant performance by dancer Sophia Faller. 

An elegant, sensual addition to the oeuvre, Love Is In My Heart quickly became a fan favorite at live performances, especially popular with the fairer sex.

Composition, arrangement, lead vocals, electric guitar, keyboard, synthesizer: Kurt Riley
Rhodes piano: Rick Kline
Synthesizer: Charlie Jones
Electric guitar: Cecil Hollien
Drums: Mike McCoy
Engineering/mastering: Will Russell, Electric Wilburland Studios
Videography: Jacob Mroczek and Kristi Gogos
Video Editing: Kurt Riley
Performance: Sophia Faller
Graphic Design: Kurt Riley
Cover Artwork: "Over the Teacup," Harrison Fisher, 1917.