Universe, universe…are you there?
Universe, universe…do you care?

No one is dear to me
Most live in fear of me
Nothing is clear to me
Help me, Universe…

Far away…yesterday…life was grand
Morning slow…Heaven Snow…in my hands…
Frost on my steel cocoon
Drifting through graveyard moons
Firmament sewn and strewn
On this Universe…

But now I’m the lonely one
Now I’m the only one…

But ooooh, love
Ooooh, love
Ooooh, oooh, ooo-ooh, ooooh love…

There must be more to life than the politics and strife
Smiling in a suit as you sharpen up your knife
Show me one alternative
What happened to romance? There used to be roses
Now we’re just bullseyes – targets for the hoses
Leave me one alternative
True love
I want true love
Ooooh, oooh, ooo-ooh, ooooh love…

But you’re not the only one!
No; you’re not the only one!
Love will find a way
If we stay
In this Universe

© Kurt Riley, 2016.